Search Journey Starter Kit for Adoptees

Have you made the decision to search for a birth parent, but have no idea where to begin? Let Missing Link DNA be your guide.

The search for birth parents is both an emotional journey and a process. The better prepared you are, the faster and smoother your path will be. Let us help you work through the beginning steps of the birth parent search process to insure a better outcome.

This package includes:

Before the DNA test results arrive:

  • Goal setting and dealing with unexpected twists in the journey
  • Who to interview for information and what to ask
  • What documents to obtain
  • DNA testing advice
  • Planning for the reunion with family if this is a goal

Once the DNA test results arrive:

  • Initial DNA analysis of Ancestry DNA test results
  • Recommendations of where to go from here

The cost of this package is $50 and includes up to 3 hours of one on one time with you. This time may be spread out over several weeks as needed while waiting for documents and DNA test results.

This package does not include using DNA to search for your birth parents. For this service please see our Birth Family Search package.

Let Missing Link DNA be your guide on this search journey!