Create and Preserve Your Family Tree

Whether you are starting your family tree from scratch, or wishing to preserve the tree you’ve already built, Missing Link DNA can help.

For those at the starting line, this service includes:

  • Building your family tree starting with what information you have using primary sources.
  • Adding your tree as it is created to a public online website such as WikiTree.
  • Adding all sources found in the research to your public tree.

For those who already have a family tree, this service includes:

  • Transferring the tree information from wherever you have it stored to a public online website such as WikiTree.
  • Confirming the accuracy of your tree based on primary sources as it is transferred.
  • Adding any additional sources that may be found during the confirmation process to your online tree.


Why do you recommend transferring my family tree to WikiTree?

There are many benefits to having your family tree at WikiTree.

  • It is a completely free website.
  • It is a public website which makes it easier to share with family members. No membership is required to view family profiles.
  • WikiTree is a one world tree which means there is only one profile per person who exists. This allows us all to be linked together and allows family members to collaborate on shared ancestor profiles. There are many additional benefits to this aspect of the website.
  • WikiTree strives for accuracy in family lines.
  • You can control privacy of the profiles of your close family members.
  • There is good oversight at WikiTree so other members can’t come along and undo the great research you’ve already completed.
  • WikiTree has many DNA features you can take advantage of.

What countries can you research?

We can research family in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and some western European countries. Records for a few other countries may be available as well. It all depends on what records are available and how far back we are working. Please note: If you live outside of the United State, you must have known family before 1920 in order to find public records. In the United States, you must have known family before 1940. Please contact us to discuss your unique project to see if we are able to assist you in your research.

How long does it take to build a family tree?

Honestly, tree building can be an ongoing process for the rest of your life. It all depends on how far back you wish to go and how complete you want your tree to be. A basic tree can take as little as a week to a couple of weeks if the records are readily available. How long it takes to transfer your completed tree depends on how large the tree is.

Will you break down my brick wall?

This service does not include breaking down your brick wall as that is a more focused kind of research. We may be able to extend your family tree while working, but in general, we do not guarantee this will happen.

What if my entire family tree is on paper?

This may be a bit of a challenge, but contact us to see if we are able to assist you in getting your tree from paper to online.

What is the cost to create and/or preserve my family tree?

Regardless of where you are in the tree building process, the fee is $40 an hour with a minimum of two hours at a time. You may purchase two hour blocks or purchase larger blocks at a discount. Contact us for further details based on your needs.