Research Services Overview

Emma offers the following research services: Biological Family Searches using DNA, DNA analysis, DNA and Genealogy Education, Heir Searches, Research, Transcription of older documents, and French Document Translation.

Everything provided is tailored to your personal needs and rarely will two projects be alike.  However every client can expect the following to be included with these services:

  1. A written agreement that covers all aspects of the services to be provided including fees.
  2. A written report of all findings, analyses, and summaries. The report will be tailored to your needs and may include citations for all records used in the work, whether searches turned up negative results, and any recommendations for future research.
  3. 100% assured privacy {privacy policy available upon request and is always included with the client agreement}.
  4. That Emma will follow the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Board for Certification of Genealogists  and the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists. 
  5. That Emma will use the Board for Certified Genealogists Standards of Research.

Free Consultation

The best way to know if our services are a right fit for you is through a free consultation.  If we cannot meet in person, Emma is available by phone, email or video conference.  If you are outside of our local area–no problem!  We can meet through one of the mentioned methods.  Emma has completed work for people all over the United States as well as outside of the U.S.


Emma charges an hourly rate for all services plus any direct expenses such as any fees to obtain documents and travel.  All expenses will be agreed upon up front and included in the written agreement. Rates are dependent upon the type of service and level of service required. See each type of services Emma provides under the Services tab to find the hourly rate.