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“I was told by numerous people that his case was impossible…” –D

No paperwork? No problem.

Let us show you what the power
of DNA can do for you.

 “I felt like I had explored every option possible when it came to searching, and hit many dead ends and often questioned whether or not we would ever have answers.” — D. O.

Your search journey doesn’t

 have to be this hard.

Let Missing Link DNA Be Your Guide

“I was adopted to a great family, but not knowing about my bio mom or my paternal side affected me in so many ways and now I have some answers at the age of 46 along with some great leads for reaching out to a family I would have never known if it was not for Emma” –Bryan

“Emma went way above and beyond to help my husband find his connection to relatives which has brought some much needed closure to his life.” –Cherie

Let Missing Link DNA
find the missing link to your family story

“I offer a full service experience including education, advice, DNA analysis, research, resource recommendations, or whatever is needed to find the answers you seek.” 

–Emma MacBeath, Genetic Genealogist

Why Missing Link DNA?

Proven results that give you peace of mind

  • Knowledgeable–We have worked with hundreds of adoptees, NPEs, and donor children, each with their own unique story. We keep up with the latest news and updates in genetic genealogy.
  • Experienced–30+ years of genealogy research experience with 5 of those years being genetic genealogy often working with many types of difficult to solve cases.
  • Tenacious–We keep going when others stop and won’t stop until you have a result.
  • Accurate–And we won’t stop until you have proof of this fact.
  • Efficient–We are able to solve many searches in a matter of hours or days.
  • Discreet and Trustworthy–We understand the need for discretion, sensitivity, and privacy.

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