Persistent, dedicated, resourceful, exceptional — just a few words that immediately come to mind when describing Emma.  Since meeting my husband seven years ago, I have been helping him search for his biological family as he was adopted at the age of ten months old. I have called every state office associated with his adoption, spoke with every agency and affiliation, signed up for every registry and message board, and joined every Facebook group. I felt like I had explored every option possible when it came to searching, and hit many dead ends and often questioned whether or not we would ever have answers. There were often times where I wondered if all hope for learning about my husband’s biological family history was lost.  After doing a few DNA kits, our hope was renewed, but then dashed again when we saw that my husband only had distant/complicated matches. I had spoken with many search angels and support groups, and while some attempts were made, I was told that by numerous people that his case was “impossible” and that his matches were too distant and his story too complex.  Then, Emma came into our lives. After providing her with what little information we had and with the undeniability of DNA, within a few weeks, Emma had strong leads. Soon after, Emma had found the answers he had longed for; she had found my husband’s biological family!

A true master of her craft, Emma is genealogical genius, and is exceptionally clever and reliable for honest and continuous feedback. After so many letdowns, it was refreshing to finally work with someone on my husband’s case who gave us realistic hope and guidance throughout this incredibly emotional journey of true self-discovery.  Emma treated our case with the utmost dignity, respect, and sensitivity, all while reaffirming our trust in science, and the fact that DNA does not lie. Simply put, Emma is the best of the best and we are so lucky to have found her. She was able to help us answer 43 years of unknowns and so many of the questions that have plagued us. She is the reason my husband was able to unlock the black box on his life that was inaccessible for so long. We will forever be in Emma’s debt for what she has done for us, and for the peace she has granted our hearts and minds.


My husband and I recently were contacted by Emma through a family tree site that we had posted a question on and she was a true ancestry angel. Emma went way above and beyond to help my husband Bryan find his connection to relatives on ancestry which has brought some much needed closure to his life. Emma not only spent countless hours helping him figure out his paternal side which he never knew, but also went the extra mile of finding his birth mother’s father. Her gift is beyond amazing and her swiftness and efficiency to truly communicate with Bryan motivated him to reach out to a possible half sibling that he would have never even known about if Emma did not provide such specific details to him. We will be eternally grateful to her for her kindness and dedication in helping us finally putting his puzzle together.

–Sincerely Bryan & Cherie (Indiana)

I would recommend Emma and her services, she has been so helpful in finding out who my great grandparents/grandparents were on my paternal side that has led to me finding my biological father. I was removed from my mother many years ago and placed in a foster home and adopted to a great family, but not knowing about my bio mom or my paternal side has affected me in so many ways and now I have some answers at the age of 46 along with some great leads to reaching out to a family I would have never known about if it was not for Emma. Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication and professionalism in bringing some closure to my life. Forever thankful and blessed,

–Bryan J